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As your entity management solution, we take the utmost pride and care in ensuring your organization’s data is secure. Our goal is to empower your team with the tools and resources to successfully and efficiently manage entities, while protecting data across each user and their initiatives and ensuring ongoing compliance.

All information is encrypted during transfer using 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and storage using AES 256-bit, which is the same encryption technology as banks and the military. EntityKeeper is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) — the largest cloud infrastructure provided and used by service companies such as NASDAQ, Pacific Life, & British Gas. In addition to data security, EntityKeeper has a robust data consistency policy to protect your data in the unlikely case of any system data issues.

Yes, we perform backups of all client data on a regular basis, ensuring that we have several backups available at any given time. In the event of a system failure, we can restore your data within a short time frame.
Our client success team offers a variety of complimentary support options for users. The most widely used resource is the support inbox, which can be used to submit questions about feature functionality, your account, and more. For more technical support needs, our client success team will schedule a one-on-one call with users to fully understand the scope and guide users through the resolution process. Lastly, the client success team hosts recurring interactive training and Q&A sessions that are open to all EntityKeeper clients. This is a great opportunity to engage directly with our product experts and see how other clients are utilizing the platform.
Yes, you can bulk upload your data with our easy-to-use template. This process helps to ensure that your data is populated quickly and easily. If you would like to upload in sections, you can do so by simply uploading with partial information, allowing you to get started and come back to the information you need to later.
Yes, you have several options to export your data. You can export basic entity information for all your entities in Excel format, and you can download a PDF of all your organizational charts. You can also request a full export of your EntityKeeper account’s information by contacting our support team.
EntityKeeper has designated tabs for personas such as Officers and Directors and Registered Agent information, enabling you to manage contact information, titles, and term dates. Additionally our Committees section allows you to input individual’s information associated with committees. You can also capture additional information by using custom fields.
Yes, the org chart builder enables you to select which information is displayed and configure visual elements, such as display direction, entity color, entity shape, and more.
Custom fields enable you to capture details outside of EntityKeeper’s standard fields. Note: This feature is available with Corporate, Enterprise, and Platinum subscriptions.
You can choose to receive notifications by email or access them directly in the platform.
Yes, you can store and track international entities.