Org Chart Software for Legal Entities

Definitions & Best Practices

The legal industry is a highly regulated, risk-averse field that has historically been slow to embrace change. But from online research databases to digital contracts, it is nearly impossible to avoid technology in modern law practices. Technology like org chart software for legal entities is changing how legal professionals view, create, and maintain company structures across all industries. Firms that choose not to adopt technology risk being left behind as the industry shifts towards tech.

Why Are Org Charts Important for Legal Entity Management?

The organizational chart is a visual representation of that organizational structure. Corporate org charts present simple and complex entities in a single view. For legal entity management, org charts make planning and defining complex structures easier.

What is Org Chart Software?

Organizational chart software, more commonly referred to as org chart software, helps organizations create and maintain a record of all employees within the company. In the context of legal entity management, org chart software helps firms build, visualize, and manage complex ownership structures. Org chart software is often a feature within an entity management platform and is designed to track, manage, and share entity information.

What are the Challenges of Using Manual Org Charts?

An effective organizational chart should accurately reflect the complexities of legal entities. However, since many complex org charts are built manually or with presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint, important details may be omitted from the chart. The problem with hand drawn charts is that they cannot update in real-time. Thus, they will only capture the ownership structure at a single point in time. The moment a share of stock is sold, a new partnership is entered, or the ownership structure changes, the org chart is instantly inaccurate. At the same time, presentation software is not robust enough to handle the intricacies of complex org charts. Although PowerPoint is an incredible presentation tool, its diagramming functionality is limited. It requires manual data entry and formatting and lacks collaboration tools for added efficiency. If any of these challenges sound familiar, your organization may be in need of org chart software.

What are the Benefits of Using Org Chart Software for Legal Entities?

Legal entity solutions capture equity ownership data about each entity, then calculate the ownership relationships for timely and accurate visualization in the org chart. A well thought out org chart executed with entity management software can facilitate effective decision making and compliance efforts while maintaining the most current data.


With an automated solution, like EntityKeeper, org charts can be built instantly and updated directly from the data you input into the system. The org chart builder pulls information from different tabs in your account like bank accounts, jurisdictions, and owners so that the data is always current.


With an org chart builder, quickly view all of your entity details on one screen. Within your org chart, you can click on an entity to see details or toggle on-off details such an EIN, ownership, percentage/values, and more.


When building a complex org chart, customization functionality enables you to present and view the chart in the way that you choose. Org charts can be customized with custom tags, color coding, formatted lines, titles, logos, the direction of the chart, and more to give you complete control over your visual presentation.


With org chart software, easily share your org chart with your team and stakeholders by printing or exporting the file as a PDF. Plus, grant users access to view or edit the org chart within the application for real-time visibility.

What Is the Best Org Chart Software?

The best org chart software depends on your company’s entity management needs, challenges, and pain points. At minimum, a best-in-class org chart builder should enable your firm to:

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