Ownership Structures

Manage investor relationships and expectations based on equity.

Investors put a lot of trust in your organization, and that same level of trust should be put into protecting their information, such as percentage of ownership and banking details. By securely centralizing this data in EntityKeeper, you can manage investor relationships and expectations based on individual levels of ownership.

Build Capitalization Tables for Each Stock Class

Build and manage capitalization tables across your entities, regardless of how many stock classes are available. Capture details, such as the number of shares/units and the price per share/unit and know exactly what the percentage of ownership is across an investor’s specific stock class and how it relates to the entire investor pool.

Maintain Historical, Present, and Future Ownership Records

Capture every detail of ownership as your entities, stock classes, shares, and capitalization tables evolve over time. With the ability to access historical, present, and future records, you can use tangible audit trails to inform ownership-related decisions and support the needs of tax preparers, auditors, attorneys, and investors. Additionally, EntityKeeper can handle any transfer of shares via gifting, sales, family events, and redemptions.

Visualize and Report on Entity Ownership

EntityKeeper’s data automation enables you to transform your capitalization tables into robust organizational charts. Once you have centralized your stock and ownership information, simply prompt your organizational chart to include details from your capitalization tables, such as total cost basis and current value.

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