About EntityKeeper

EntityKeeper empowers teams across the globe to simplify entity management, mitigate risk, and ensure ongoing compliance. Their success is what makes us an industry-leading, award-winning solution.

Our Story

EntityKeeper was created in 2013 by Rob Finlay. With a background in commercial real estate and family office, Rob saw a need when his team was struggling with compliance and organizing entities. To him, it was an opportunity to update and modernize a historically-dated process.
Over the past 20 years, Rob has launched a number of successful tech startups, bringing to market innovative, yet practical, solutions that are rigorously tested and developed to meet the challenges of today’s business owner.
EntityKeeper is located in Charlotte, NC and is a Thirty Capital company.

Our Vision

EntityKeeper was built out of our own need as business owners. We understand what it means to grow a business. The amount of responsibility adds up quickly and complexities with administrative and legal tasks can quickly cause problems. We built a solution to help keep companies compliant while giving them the tools they need to easily manage multiple entities.
We continue to develop the product and provide services in response to client, market, and regulatory needs. We build out our offerings based on customer feedback and are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools they need to be successful. In fact, we still have customers from 2013 when we first entered the market who still find value to this day.
We built EntityKeeper to relieve the manual and complex process out of managing legal entities. Companies have the opportunity to securely automate this important piece of their business.

Aynsley Brockway Finlay,

Chief Operating Officer, EntityKeeper

How Far We’ve Grown


Founded EntityKeeper

EntityKeeper provides entity management technology that manages business entities, organizes complex structures, secures sensitive information, and tracks filing & compliance deadlines in a secure platform.


Relaunched to the Market

EntityKeeper strategically relaunched into the market, leveraging enhanced functionality and fresh leadership to effectively meet the needs of the industry.


Joined the Thirty Capital Portfolio

To expand its reach, drive further innovation, tap into a wealth of industry expertise, and diversify offerings, EntityKeeper joined the Thirty Capital portfolio.


Expanded EntityKeeper

EntityKeeper expanded focus from entity management software into corporate services as well, including registered agent services, UCC services, and filing services.


Received Industry Recognition

EntityKeeper was awarded Capterra’s 2022 “Best Ease of Use” awards for Entity Management Software and Company Secretarial Software.

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