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EntityKeeper helps you manage entities, build & maintain complex org charts, track filing deadlines, and ensure ongoing compliance in one secure platform.

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Eliminate the use of outdated and inaccurate spreadsheets by centralizing entity information, such as core details, personas, and jurisdictions. And because organizations have different needs, use custom fields to capture any additional data points to support your entity management.
Protect sensitive ownership information and build comprehensive capitalization tables that detail stock classes, the number of shares/units, the price per share/unit, and more. Use this same information to automatically build org charts and visualize entity relationships, direct ownership, indirect ownership, and ownership percentages.
Mismanaged documents create a snowball effect of back-office inefficiencies when digging through computer files or playing tag over email. Create entity-specific folders and centralize all your documents, while maintaining historical records of documents versions.
Entity management can be complex given the number of moving pieces, especially when entities span multiple jurisdictions. Assign entity-specific notifications and tasks to team members, ensuring critical action items are executed and costly mistakes are avoided.


Maintain and Automate Compliance with Integrated Corporate Services

As the official point of contact, Registered Agents must ensure entities remain compliant and in good standing. By designating EntityKeeper as your Registered Agent, you can rely on one vendor to ensure comprehensive oversight across all your entities and their compliance.
Operating a business across jurisdictions requires extensive knowledge of location-specific filing requirements and deadlines. Using the information already in EntityKeeper, you can automate your annual report filings and designate them as recurring to maintain ongoing compliance.
Effective January 1, 2024, the CTA is impacting countless organizations that must file reports for applicable entities and beneficial owners. EntityKeeper’s subject-matter experts can help ensure you have all the required information needed for filing and can also file on your behalf, saving you time and resources.
Do you find yourself in an administrative juggling act when managing entities and compliance? Full-Service EntityKeeper provides a hands-off and automated experience for your corporate filings, annual reports, and registered agent services. The result is peace of mind knowing that the necessary regulations and deadlines are met.
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Your Entity Management & Compliance Partner

Rely on a single solution to simplify your entity management and a single service provider to maintain oversight and ensure entity compliance.