Notifications and Tasks

Don’t miss important action items or costly filing deadlines.

Entity management can be a complex undertaking given the number of moving pieces, especially when entities span multiple jurisdictions. With the proper tools and processes in place, organizations can ensure team members are informed, prepared, and successful when executing tasks related to their entities.

Foster Internal Alignment Across Team Members

Ensure team members have full visibility into upcoming notifications and tasks assigned across the organization. With the ability to see who it’s assigned to, when it’s due, and the associated entity, your team can successfully execute tasks without something slipping through the cracks.

Maintain a Historical Record of Action Items

As a business, it’s essential to maintain historical records of documents and resources, especially when it comes to tasks that were performed for your entities. With EntityKeeper’s notifications and tasks center, you can preserve records of all entries for future reference, so you can confidently replicate recurring tasks.

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