Entity Management

Centralize and manage all your entities in one secure platform, creating a solid foundation for compliance.

Centralize and manage all your entities in one secure platform.

Break down silos and create organizational alignment with EntityKeeper, ensuring team members have direct access to information that supports their roles and informs their decisions.
Watch a quick overview of how EntityKeeper enables you to centralize and manage all your entities in one secure platform.

Improve Back-Office Efficiencies

Managing entity information in spreadsheets and documents creates a slow but dangerous snowball effect across your organization. Before you know it, there are countless files spread across team members that are likely to have outdated or incorrect information.
By centralizing all your entities in EntityKeeper, you can capture, store, and organize comprehensive information, such as core details, personas, and jurisdictions. Have unique information you want to capture? No problem. With custom fields, you can also capture any miscellaneous entity information.

Protect Sensitive Ownership Details

Investors place a high level of trust in your organization by investing in one or more of your entities. The same level of trust should be put in place when managing their ownership information, which is difficult when the traditional method (i.e., spreadsheets) can potentially be accessed by unauthorized personnel or hackers.
By building secure capitalization tables, you can have a bird’s-eye-view of owners, shares, current equity value, and more. What’s even better, EntityKeeper uses this same information to automatically generate robust org charts that illustrate entity and ownership relationships.

Mitigate Internal Dependencies

Internal dependencies occur when a team member has their established responsibilities, but they find it necessary to get information from someone else to effectively carry out a task. In other words, valuable time and resources are wasted.
EntityKeeper seeks to eliminate this pain by tailoring user permissions, so individuals can add/delete entities, edit entity information, or only view information. And because team members are more productive when they’re focused, you can control which entities are visible in their account.
It’s nice to have a partner that can create entities for our business wherever our operations take us. EntityKeeper provides an effective solution for us to centralize and organize our entities, while maintaining a lean operation.

Max Bresner,

Managing Director, Brikwell

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