Entity Compliance

Ensure ongoing compliance across your entities and mitigate risks associated with losing your good standing status, failing to meet the latest regulations, and more.

Create the necessary foundation for compliance across your entities.

EntityKeeper helps you address and execute on the one constant that must be accounted for across organizations and their entities: ensuring ongoing compliance.
Watch a quick overview of how EntityKeeper enables you to create the necessary foundation for compliance across your entities.

Comply With the Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) went into effect on January 1, 2024, impacting the majority of existing entities and all newly-created entities moving forward. The challenge, however, is the complexities of who must comply and what information must be reported.
EntityKeeper enables you to establish a single source of truth for all your entities, ensuring you’re well-equipped to capture required information/documentation and maintain ongoing compliance with the CTA. For beneficial owners, you can eliminate complex assessments and calculations by identifying direct and indirect ownership of 25% or more across your entities right within EntityKeeper.

Manage Risk for the Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act is not optional, which means you may be adding more administrative work to teams that can’t afford to neglect existing responsibilities. Violating the CTA may result in a daily $500 fine until corrected (maximum of $10,000) or even imprisonment for criminal penalties.
EntityKeeper’s subject-matter experts offer a solution to administrative burden by performing an audit to identify what required information is missing in the platform. Once everything is updated, EntityKeeper can file on your behalf, so you can focus on running your business.

Maintain Good Standing Status Across Entities

Maintaining good standing with the Secretary of State is a must to mitigate potential consequences, such as fines, penalties, and dissolution or revocation. By filing annual reports in-house, team members must navigate jurisdiction-specific filing requirements and deadlines, potentially exposing your entities to risk.
With EntityKeeper’s Corporate Services, organizations can automate recurring services, such as filing annual reports, using the information already being managed in the platform. The result is internal efficiencies and peace of mind knowing your entities are compliant and in good standing.
Having a single source of truth for our entities and complicated org charts is essential, enabling us to maintain good standings and file taxes in the proper jurisdictions as needed.

Cary Feliciano,

CEO, FEM Real Estate

Receive a first-hand look at how you can comply with the Corporate Transparency Act, while ensuring ongoing compliance across entities.