EntityKeeper Corporate Services

Ensure ongoing compliance by automating your corporate services.

Managing entities and ensuring ongoing compliance requires absolute attention to detail, which can strain personnel resources and become costly when using multiple third-party vendors. Because EntityKeeper’s Corporate Services is integrated directly in the platform, you can rely on a single vendor to automate services using information already in your account.
Delegate the complexities of corporate filings, annual reports, and registered agent services to EntityKeeper’s team of experts.
Acting on behalf of your business, registered agents must maintain timely attention to detail to mitigate any legal or compliance mishaps.
Operating a business across state lines or non-United States jurisdictions requires extensive knowledge of location-specific filing requirements.
Effective January 1, 2024, the CTA impacts countless organizations and adds more admin work to teams that can’t afford to neglect existing responsibilities.
Performing Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) searches, filings, and amendments can be a complex process given the extensive regulations and jurisdiction requirements.
Whether starting a new business or making changes, it’s important to conduct the necessary name research upfront before, so you don’t have to redo admin work.
Obtaining critical documents, such as good standing certificates and certified charter documents, can create inefficiencies when team members don’t know which government branch to contact.
Your corporate kit is the source of truth for an array of critical documents, such as licenses, resolutions, formations, and more.

Customers see an average cost savings of 30-40% when they file through EntityKeeper.