Entity Health Check

Is Your Company in Good Standing with the Secretary of State?

An entity health check should be performed regularly to ensure your legal entities are in “good standing” with the Secretary of State and to prevent future non-compliance issues. However, some organizations ignore routine evaluations due to lack of time, resources, or knowledge – which can be costly down the road.
An entity health check is essentially a cheat code to the due diligence process for legal entity transactions. And with a legal entity review conducted by a third-party provider, like EntityKeeper, you can determine whether your business checks the box in all of the right areas of compliance.

What is an Entity Health Check?

An entity health check is the process of verifying an entity’s status with the Secretary of State. It’s important to note this must be done for the entity’s state of formation and any states of operation. Since the Secretary of State is specific to each jurisdiction, the process of verification and possible entity statuses can vary, but the end goal should always be to verify that your entities are in good standing.

Why are Entity Health Checks Important?

Entity health checks can help you identify issues in your standing with the Secretary of State. Some businesses neglect this important step and only learn that they have fallen out of good standing once they are penalized. An entity health check can help you avoid costly fines and penalties and maintain a strong business reputation so that you can continue to do business.

When Does the Corporate Transparency Act Take Effect?

Legal entities should perform a routine entity health evaluation regularly. Although there is no specific time frame during which a health check must be completed, we generally recommend the following as optimal times:
Performing an entity health check during these time frames can help you maintain your good standing status and avoid future roadblocks in your legal entity management.

What Are the Challenges in Performing my Own Entity Health Check?

Organizations may decide to conduct their own entity health checks. However, when you choose to do the evaluation internally, the following challenges may arise:
Note: If you encounter any of these challenges, you may want to partner with EntityKeeper to get back on track and ensure your health check is proactively and properly managed!

Can EntityKeeper Perform an Entity Health Check for my Business?

EntityKeeper has the resources and expertise to perform an entity health check for all your entities. Despite the complexities across jurisdictions, our team knows exactly where to go and who to contact at the Secretary of State’s office. By turning over every rock, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your entities are in good standing and, if not, the exact steps that need to be taken to mitigate any consequences.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with a Provider for Your Entity Health Check?

As we mentioned earlier, CRE firms and other organizations can opt to conduct their own entity health check. However, you should be aware of the time and effort typically spent to complete a thorough entity review. A comprehensive check requires you to connect with the Secretary of State to confirm the statuses of all of your entities. The more entities you have, the more manual and time-consuming this process can become.
When you partner with a provider, like EntityKeeper, to perform your entity health check, you can skip the manual hassle and gain peace of mind about the quality of your check. Our team of experts will help you:
When it comes to working with a provider, the reward outweighs the risks. You no longer have to worry about missing your desired timeline for completing your health check or managing the process from beginning to end. That adds up to a lot of time savings for you and your team!

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