Org Chart Builders

Protect your time and build comprehensive organizational charts with ease.

Your time should be spent on initiatives that generate the highest ROI, not manually collecting data and fumbling with shape and text builders in spreadsheets or presentation tools. EntityKeeper’s intuitive builder enables you to quickly create organizational charts that are populated by the information already being managed in the platform.

Save Time with Data Automation

Create the foundation for successful entity management by centralizing key data points across all your entities. Capturing details, such as registered agents, ownership stocks, and bank accounts, enables you to protect sensitive information while eliminating the use of outdated and inaccurate spreadsheets. Manual data collection is a thing of the past. Because all your entity data is centralized within EntityKeeper, you can pick and choose which data points you want to populate your organizational chart, such as parent and child company names and ownership percentages

Configure Elements to Meet Your Needs

Our intuitive builder gives you control over how you want your organizational chart to look. With the ability to configure elements, such as the entity shape and color, you can build your organizational chart with differentiators that enable you to easily understand its makeup

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