Entity Reporting

Automate manual reporting processes and ensure deadlines are met throughout each stage of an entity’s lifecycle.

Protect your entities (and sanity) with automated reporting.

EntityKeeper addresses your reporting needs throughout each stage of an entity’s lifecycle: formation, active operations, and dissolution.
Watch a quick overview of how EntityKeeper enables you protect your entities (and sanity) with automated reporting.

Automate Manual Reporting Processes with Corporate Services

Many organizations ask themselves, “Can we perform our own corporate services?”, when the real question to consider is, “Should we perform our own corporate services?” Conducting these activities in-house puts the responsibility on team members to navigate jurisdiction-specific rules, regulations, and filing deadlines, exposing your entities to risk.
EntityKeeper’s corporate services are accessed directly in the platform, providing users with an automated method to file annual reports, form or dissolve entities, and more. EntityKeeper’s subject-matter experts provide insight into the entire process, ensuring reporting requirements are met.

Avoid Costly Mistakes Caused by Missed Reporting Deadlines

Organizational alignment can be cyclical at times. There are moments where teams are aligned on priorities, deliverables, and timelines, but there are also moments where additional tasks are unaccounted for, throwing off timelines or even causing something to slip through the cracks.
With EntityKeeper’s Notification Center, teams can create reminders or tasks for an entity and assign them to one or multiple users. And because priorities are important, the configurable color-coded bell system notifies users as to how close deadlines are, ensuring workflows are executed in a timely manner.

Generate Comprehensive Reports for All Your Entities

Maintaining current and historical records of your entities is essential in managing healthy operations. The challenge, however, is collecting and standardizing this information across entities due to the time-consuming process that’s often prone to human error.
As your single source of truth, EntityKeeper enables users to generate comprehensive entity reports with the click of a button. Capturing information across core details, personnel, jurisdictions, and more, organizations can maintain detailed oversight without sacrificing hours of manual reporting.
EntityKeeper keeps us posted on upcoming filing due dates and offers effective ways to keep track of the multiple entities that we own. Before EntityKeeper, we were tracking information in spreadsheets, which was inefficient.

Stacy Hess, CPA,

Controller, Lloyd Jones LLC

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