EntityKeeper Features

EntityKeeper is your secret weapon to entity management.

Simplify the way you manage your entities and org charts.
Easily track, manage, and share entity information while reducing manual errors.

Establish a secure, single source of truth for all your entities, enabling team members to access the info they need in their roles and to inform decisions.
Don’t waste your time manually collecting data and fumbling with presentation tools. Build comprehensive organizational charts with ease.
Mismanaged documents create a snowball effect of back-office inefficiencies. Segment and simplify your legal document management.
Securely centralize your investor data and manage investor relationships and expectations based on individual levels of ownership.
Entity management can be a complex undertaking given the number of moving pieces. Don’t miss important action items or costly filing deadlines.
Configure user and entity permissions to mirror your organizational structure and empower team members with direct access to relevant information.
Pivot from manual data collection to automated reporting across your organization and entities.
With robust security protocols in place, EntityKeeper assures our clients of unwavering reliability, delivering peace of mind every step of the way.

Customers see an average cost savings of 30-40% when they file through EntityKeeper.