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Launching a new business solution is exciting, but it’s important to understand the full scope of how you can configure each user’s instance. With EntityKeeper, you can tailor user and entity permissions without compromising sensitive information or hindering your team from executing tasks.

EntityKeeper allows you to have unlimited users without increasing the cost of your subscription.
Yes, you can invite third-party users to your account and configure their user permissions to control which entities they can see.
Yes, a user with Master Control can set permissions to a view-only profile or grant access to add, edit, or delete entities. Additionally, you can control whether users can view entity reports or sensitive information.
Yes, a user with Master Control and an Enterprise or Platinum subscription can configure which entities users can see within the platform. You can select one, multiple, or all entities depending on your needs or organizational structure.
Aside from your software subscription, EntityKeeper offers the option to add a one-time implementation fee to help guide our customers through the necessary steps to get their data loaded into the software quickly and easily. Additionally, if you utilize Corporate Services, there are fees depending on the chosen services and jurisdiction.
If you decide to cancel your account, you can request a copy of your account’s data, which will be provided in a secure format.