Year-End Corporate Compliance Checklist

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At the beginning of the year, business owners and internal stakeholders outline their goals and objectives over the course of the next twelve months. As many can attest to, there are often unforeseen or reprioritized changes, such as expanding operations, selling a business unit, changing the business name and so forth. These activities could require said business owners and internal stakeholders to file the proper documents with their Secretary of State. The important thing to note here is doing so before it’s too late and your business faces repercussions. Not only can these repercussions have financial implications and increased risk, but they can also impact your corporate compliance and ability to practice business.

To help ensure you’ve completed the proper year-end corporate compliance checklist, we’ve outlined a few key items to keep top of mind. Please note that corporate compliance requirements vary by state and by incorporation.

  • Check with the Secretary of State’s office if a Statement of Information or Annual Report is required annually for corporations and LLCs.
  • File amendments for corporations due to a name change or other change within the incorporation. 
  • Ensure there are no lapses within the entity and ensure you’re in good standing.
  • Look into aligning your registered agent invoices.
  • Dissolutions or mergers within the business.

If you’re ever unsure about what to do or look for when it comes to corporate compliance, please don’t hesitate to contact EntityKeeper for support. Our team of subject matter experts are happy to provide guidance and can be reached at