EntityKeeper Adds Automated Corporate Filings to Entity Management Platform

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (July 22, 2021) – EntityKeeper, a Thirty Capital company, has transformed their web-based entity management platform to now include Corporate Services. Before this new service line, EntityKeeper provided users with a solution that eliminated disparate data sources and gave users complete visibility and control when managing entities. Organizations can now utilize the same platform to order from a menu of services relevant to their entities.  

As a subsidiary of Thirty Capital, EntityKeeper’s core mission to provide purpose-built technology was derived from the very needs of its counterparts. Historically, entity management and corporate filings have been manual processes plaguing organizations with inefficiencies that require more than desirable time and resources. Internal personnel were faced with managing multiple third-party service providers and using spreadsheets to track information, deadlines and so forth.  

By leveraging Corporate Services, users can rely on a single platform to streamline these antiquated processes and procedures. Users now have the means to create an entity, request a filing(s) and track its progress through completion without having to leave the platform. In addition to these benefits, EntityKeeper integrates scalable savings to reduce overall costs for its end users by keeping everything in the same ecosystem. 

“What separates this platform from other risk management companies is our ability to couple subject-matter expertise with technology. Many people currently tasked with managing entities and their subsequent processes were not hired for that sole purpose. Our technology gives them the tool they need to operate more efficiently and focus on their core capabilities within the organization,” says Kevin Swill, Managing Director of Financial Services for EntityKeeper. 

For more information, please visit their website at https://www.entitykeeper.com/.   


About EntityKeeper

EntityKeeper is software that tracks and manages legal entity data for over 100 companies across the globe. With EntityKeeper, you can easily organize corporate data, visualize ownership structures, store unlimited documents, and manage important filing dates with one secure solution. EntityKeeper is the brainchild of industry mogul Robert Finlay, CPM®, a software-as-a-service entrepreneur that is responsible for some of the most innovative and successful technology companies to launch in over the last twenty years. EntityKeeper is a Thirty Capital company.


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