Entity Management & Compliance with Confidence

EntityKeeper helps you manage entities, build & maintain complex org charts, track filing deadlines, and ensure ongoing compliance in one secure platform.

EntityKeeper empowers teams across the globe to simplify entity management, mitigate risk, and ensure ongoing compliance. See why leading organizations trust EntityKeeper to create strategic advantages, build business efficiencies, and secure sensitive workflows.

Why EntityKeeper

Establish a Single Source of Truth For All Your Entities.

Create the foundation for successful entity management by centralizing key data points across your entities and managing all your entities in one secure platform.

Protect Your Time.

Build comprehensive org charts with ease, eliminate manual data collection, and automate your reporting – saving time that can be focused back into the business.

Streamline the Back-Office.

Improve efficiencies with the ability to simplify legal document management, easily visualize entity ownership, and stay on top of filing deadlines.

Stay Secure.

With industry-standard practices, you can mitigate errors and avoid costly mistakes, configure user and entity permissions to mirror your organizational structure, and have confidence in the security of your data.

Ensure Ongoing Compliance For All Your Entities.

Alleviate administrative burden while having peace of mind that your reports are filed in a timely manner, regulations and deadlines are met, and entities are in good standing.

Join other industry-leading organizations in transforming their back-office processes and workflows to drive business effectiveness and ensure ongoing compliance.

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