Utilizing Technology to Strengthen Remote Teams and Improve Collaboration

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Whether your team works remotely permanently or temporarily for the next few weeks, today’s technology makes it possible to improve communication among your team.  

Here are a few ways technology can set your team up for success while working out the office:  

Stay connected

Having a way to stay connected with your team is going to be crucial while working remotely. A messaging platform can help get quick answers and stay connected without having to fill up inboxes. If your team has not used a messaging tool, we suggest finding one that allows you to hold group and individual conversations. While many of the free versions have limitations on the number of users or message storage, there are a few providers, such a Microsoft Teams, who are offering their premium plan for free.   

Navigating a world of communicating virtually can be new waters for many employees. To help your team get accustomed to the new “norm” of communication while working remotely, start by having agreed-upon policies. For example: be active and responsive between business hours, add your “away” status when in a meeting or at lunch, and encourage employees to have “real-life” conversation about their favorite TV shows or new lunch spot. These tips are a good place to start.     

Keep your meetings

Don’t get behind because you can’t meet to brainstorm with your team or show a client your product. Video conferencing software is the perfect way to “meet” with your team or clients while working remotely. Many services (such as Zoom) are offering free subscriptions to companies whose employees are working from home, but some of these free accounts have limitations.  

As your team starts using new meeting software to hold meetings from different locations, encourage participation by having a few basic “rules.” For example: always have an agenda or purpose of the meeting, turn off all notifications, don’t multitask, and end the meeting with action items. A good place to start with best practices can be found here 

Collaborate with colleagues

Having access to all necessary files is important, but what’s more important is not spending hours working on a file that has outdated information. Not only are data and document management important in reducing human error and streamlining processes across your entire company, but it helps employees work faster. A platform such as EntityKeeper allows you and your team access to all your entity data and documents while offering two months free.   

The first step in shopping for data and document management software is security. Yes, there are many other things that are important, like functionality, and that it’s user-friendly, but we believe those go out the window if your sensitive information is not secure. Create a must-have list first, then include features that would be nice to have. A good place to start on narrowing down software can be found here.

Healthy lifestyle App

This is key for productivity. While you are working remotely, make sure to still do things that promote a healthy lifestyle and brain balance. There are many free apps you can download on your smartphone that guide you through meditations or workouts. Take 30 minutes before the start or end of your day to create a habit of “you” time.  

Many local gyms and fitness studios are making it easy for patrons to workout at home by posting free workouts on social media outlets. Orange Theory Fitness has been posting daily workouts live on their Instagram. There are also a few apps that are offering “free memberships” to workout or meditate, such as Tone It Up and The Sweat App. Another option is to try out some workouts, yoga, or meditation on YouTube by simply searching their page.    

We’re here to help your team while working remotely. Schedule a demo to see how our software can benefit your team.