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Visualize Complex Ownership Structures in Just a Few Clicks

Eliminate the manual process of building and updating organizational charts to manage your ownership structures. Using our org chart builder, you can automatically update and build your org charts from the data in your account.

Automate Your Process

Org charts are automatically built and updated directly from the data you have in EntityKeeper. The org chart builder pulls information from different tabs in your account like bank accounts, jurisdictions, and owners to make updates right away. Now you can view everything you need in one chart without jumping from document to spreadsheet.

Make Your Org Chart Custom to You

Have the ability to customize your org charts to present and view them the way you need them. Org charts can be customized to show the details you want to be included. Have complete control over your view with custom tags, color coding, formatted lines, titles, logos, the direction of the chart, and more.

Format and Share with Ease

Share your organizational chart with colleagues, clients, and your partners by easily scaling your chart for printing and export as a PDF.

All Details in One Screen

Quickly view all of your entity details on one screen. Within your org chart, click on an entity to see details or toggle on-off details such an EIN, ownership, percentage/values, and more.

Org Charts don’t have to be complicated, let EntityKeeper help you build and view your org chart in an easy way.