Investing Can Be Complicated: Manage Your Structural Assets Easier

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Investing can indeed be a complicated venture for anyone, but the institutional investor and the investment community at large face the problem of breaking this complexity down into a more simple and easy to navigate system of structural management. Just as a business needs to be managed through a series of processes and techniques to make it more efficient and profitable, made easier through the use of technology and access to streams of big data, so too can investments and structural assets be managed. You can achieve this feat through using a robust asset and entity management system.

Getting the Right System for Managing All Your Entity Data in Once Centralized Location

It can be downright confusing to manage all the data associated with your investments, right? Whether you are the executives, president or board members tasked tasked with keeping all your asset data and strategy managed under one roof. Sifting through documents and spreadsheets is no fun at all, but software can alleviate these issues. EntityKeeper enables you to import spreadsheets and other types of data and gives you the ability to manage all your entity data in a single centralized location. Simplifying the approach to managing assets is key for investors to more efficiently make investment decisions and have access to the data when needed to strategize and effectively create strategies. IT teams can implement the software and replace a smorgasbord of files, systems, processes, methods and data that are unorganized and unintegrated. The hodgepodge patchwork of these elements can be replaced with a fully functional system that integrates them with tools and centralization to manage investments and assets with confidence, ease and speed.

Compliance, Regulation and Risk Management Solutions

One of the key areas that can be problematic for investors and firms is the ability to effectively manage and assess risks across organizations and entities. There are software programs that handle compliance and risk, but these solutions often fail to engage with more complex systems such as venture capital, holdings and investment firm level groups. Compliance and risk management is simplified using EntityKeeper’s built in tools. The analytics tools within the dashboard help break down the data you need when you need and can be accessed across any and all entities.

Multiple Ways to Manage Data with Customization and Core Features

Groups that are invested in several assets, companies, etc. need a more robust solution for accessing, managing and editing data across all their assets. EntityKeeper offers a wide range of innovations in this specific area, including its centralized database for more control over logically tracking entities in the cloud, real-time updates, sharing control and user permissions, ownership/value insights, custom alerts and notifications for filing dates and more. Protect and manage sensitive information with this solution for the investment community and ensure that your investments remain in compliance and protected from risks.

Support and Guides

EntityKeeper has a support team, in addition to walk-thru help within the software, to support IT and managers using the software who need help getting set up or using features of the platform. Find out why EntityKeeper makes tracking your structural assets a breeze compared to the old ways of doing so.