Family Owned Forage Company Builds Back Office Efficiency with One Platform

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Standlee Premium Western Forage has been providing farmers and animal lovers across the nation with premium hay products for 51 years. As a family-run company, they have grown their business to be one of the leading providers for all things forage. As Standlee has grown, they have taken on more than 100 ventures to create a very diverse portfolio.

Managing Constant Ownership Changes

Chrissy Hernandez, paralegal, and executive assistant joined the team at Standlee to help manage their multiple and growing entities. Standlee has many purchases, sales, and redemptions constantly, and with over 100 entities, Chrissy needed a way to update ownership, registered agents, or add an amended operating agreement document efficiently. Another big part of Chrissy’s daily tasks is providing reporting and updates of entities to Standlee executives. Her process of having to look in multiple different files to report on one entity took too much time in her busy day. When a quick decision is made to finance a new project, it was a scramble trying to figure out ownership percentages, contact information, and registered agents affiliated to provide to the bank. It was clear they needed to find a way to access ALL information connected with their entities easily.

“With 100 entities, there is no way I’m going to remember who owns what percentage of what company, there’s just no way. I needed a resource to access that information at any point quickly.”

– Chrissy Hernandez

The Results

The team at Standlee isn’t slowing down the growth of their company any time soon, utilizing technology to automate some of their manual tasks was the only way to support their growth. EntityKeeper is now part of Chrissy’s daily routine, she is easily able to update or look up entity and ownership information. Building and exporting reports is easy, with many customization options. She quickly chooses what information she wants shown and it is ready for review within minutes.

“It’s been so convenient to be able to provide summaries to our CEO or to locate ownership information for one of our companies quickly. EntityKeeper has become a crucial resource for me.”

– Chrissy Hernandez

Given EntityKeeper has been so easy to use and securely organizes their corporate and entity information, Chrissy has shared access with their in-house attorney. She feels better knowing that when she is out of the office, he has the ability to login and access entity information. Having one secure platform for all of their data has provided overall organization for their legal team, which has helped a lot when it comes to a new purchase or a sale.

Overall, EntityKeeper has helped the Standlee team reach their goals in organizing and maintaining their 100 entities. They have been able to completely change the way they work when it comes to supporting the growth of their company.

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