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If you are on the offensive with the firm’s investment strategy, identifying target markets, acquisitions, and transaction structuring, than you live to expand the firm portfolio and holdings. But there are challenges such as high pressure and returns, not to mention keeping details organized across multiple companies. In order to keep moving forward with your investments and ensure that your strategy is producing returns all while alleviating risks and maintaining governance/compliance, you must implement a good system for your internal structure. Often, the investment community is limited to rummaging through endless spreadsheets, separate systems, documents and servers to access the data they need. In a modern, fast-paced data-driven world, investment firms and their IT departments are searching for solutions to ease the burden. Welcome to EntityKeeper. 
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Making the Transition

The focus on mergers and acquisitions for investors and other stakeholders is typically centered on how smooth the transition can be in terms of policies, practices, resources and external factors (particular governance and compliance). Meeting these demands can seem like a daunting challenge when so many moving parts of each machine seem to difficult to fully integrate, making your investments work in concert. In a holistic approach to make many pieces part of the whole, you want a cloud-based software solution built with transparency in mind. Avoid fines and the characteristic setbacks of mergers and acquisitions by centralizing all your investment and asset data in one dashboard that is simple to navigate and quick to implement. Multiple entities can be better managed with the efficient solutions of EntityKeeper.


Placing an Importance on Value with Data Management

Value is what investors and investment firms are constantly on the hunt for. That is what drives at the heart of the EntityKeeper tools that are part of this asset management software. Improving synergy between companies, brands, investments, etc. will help build this value using data and managing it in a way that moves processes forward. Finding the value in data can be burdensome, so this cloud-based cross-entity management approach can help centralize and customize the experience for better value positioning. With better insights and a quicker way to access the data, your strategy can be used to solve common merger and acquisition problems:

  • When and how to apply a cross-selling strategy
  • Finding the value of combined data and in which configuration
  • Finding compatibility among entities
  • Enforcing and managing compliance, risk and governance across all entities
  • Applying standards and policies more effectively across entities and implementing a corporate culture improvement plan more effectively
  • Creating more transparency

Avoiding Fines and Maintaining Compliance

One of the trickiest things about merging or acquiring a new company/organization is the regulation and compliance issues involved. EntityKeeper was designed to deal specifically with these issues by providing a could-based system to view, edit and set access permissions for compliance, risk and governance across multiple entities in a centralized robust platform. The software lets you differentiate between child and parent organizations and helps you consolidate applications and files. Try the free 30-day trial and see why EntityKeeper can make the merger and acquisition process smoother.