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The energy industry is a unique and dynamic industry, one that is changing yet still maintains a strong legacy and importance among everyone in society. Energy powers infrastructure, transportation and all other things needed for business and life in society. The energy industry is diverse and includes coal, natural gas, petroleum fossil fuels, wind power, hydroelectric power, solar power and energy storage (such as batteries). There are numerous other industries that rely on the energy industry, which is interconnected with nearly all other industries.

Because the energy industry is so complex, there is a constant need to evaluate data, assets, compliance and integration as well as a need for management of those things. As the needs of the energy industry and demands of the society evolve, so too will the industry’s approach to handling data and workflow processes. Learn how the EntityKeeper software can accommodate the growth and change in the energy industry with features and benefits that make handling data, asset, compliance and integration management much easier to deal with.

Centralizing Management of Data Across Entities and Structures

Many energy companies or energy-related companies deal with a lot of data. Many, if not most, of these companies need to manage as well as monitor a variety of data types. This data usually needs to be recorded and organized in some fashion. Entering or modifying spreadsheet data has become too cumbersome as the energy industry continues to grow and change, so a system that centralizes this data and makes collaboration and access controls easier by utilizing the cloud is something that many in the industry welcome with open arms. EntityKeeper is a legal entity data management software that is robust enough to meet the challenges of such a consequential and challenging industry such as the energy industry is. Much of that spreadsheet data can be uploaded within the EntityKeeper software and converted for use in the custom dashboards within its user interface. Though it is cloud-based, it is secure and uses state-of-the-art server protection and encrypted user-level security to control permissions, so you can collaborate with ease and peace of mind. Because the data is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Asset Management in the Cloud

Many large energy enterprises and investments in the energy industry need a way to securely and efficiently manage volumes of information related to the many assets within their portfolio. This has been made much easier thanks to software that can run in the cloud made specifically to handle multiple assets and entities in a centralized platform. EntityKeeper also allows organizations to be very nimble, helping them to collaborate across sets of data and assets.

Gain valuable insights about the assets in your portfolio and work with other team members to put strategies, policies, procedures, cost savings or other elements to work. Now you can replace expensive and ineffective methods for managing, maintaining and visualizing legal entity information throughout your energy portfolio. This is an innovation in approaching legal entity management with efficiency at the highest priority. You need to be efficient to compete in such a vast and changing energy industry environment.

Compliance Management for the Energy Industry

Corporate Transparency Act Compliance

If there is one thing that is important for nearly all companies involved in the energy industry, it is compliance. The energy sector remains among the most regulated and complicated industries in the entire world. With such complexity, bureaucracy and high stakes outcomes for many people and organizations involved, it is vital that compliance be of the utmost priority for all involved.

Managing compliance data, policies, procedures and results has been one of the trickiest tasks for organizations across the globe, particularly those involved in the energy industry. With cloud-based secure software that can manage compliance issues across legal entities all under one dashboard and made for collaboration, this centralized approach can help organizations in the energy industry become more responsive and effective in regard to compliance, governance and regulation.

Managing and Understanding Integration Metrics

There is much consolidation and integration involved in the energy business. From mergers and acquisitions to strategic partnerships and custom collaboration on projects, the energy industry is one of the most integrated industries on the planet. From technology needs to finance to human resources and job training, the energy industry has unique needs for consolidation and relationship building with other organizations, projects, environments, governments, etc.

With so much consolidation, collaboration and integration, organizations increasingly need some way to manage all of that complexity. There needs to be smooth workflow, parallel goals in project management, aligned interests in results gained from implementing strategy from insights in the data, improved ability to set permissions for others within or outside the organization and compatibility with technology used in the field and in the office.

The energy industry is one that needs as many elements as possible streamlined, particularly because so much integration causes a great degree of complexity as well. With a centralized dashboard and platform for visualizing integration across entities, organizations can begin to implement processes much faster and with more confidence in their analyses.

Impacts of CTA

The energy industry is diverse, consequential to nearly all other industries and very complex. With such complexity, diversity and impact, the industry needs solutions to make their operations much more efficient, accurate and collaborative. This will help the industry to become more responsive to its own needs and those of stakeholders. With improved workflow, better insights, access to data visualization in a secure environment and tools for collaboration, the EntityKeeper software will enable a better overall operation of your energy businesses.

Ensure that your compliance, governance and regulatory requirements are being met while still meeting bottom line. Your entities and associated data and relationships with others in the industry (or partnerships outside the industry) will integrate better once you start using the tools that customize and centralize the components needed for better synergy across entities or data sets. Eliminate the need for annoying spreadsheets and use software that is more intuitive and designed specifically for enterprise development and management in mind.

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