A Global Cannabis Company Removes Silos in Managing 150+ Entities

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Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. is globally known as one of the largest cannabis operators and vertically integrated cannabis companies. They have quickly grown with over 1,100 employees across 8 states and are internally managing over 150 entities.

As the cannabis industry has grown and changed over the last few years, Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. has met the demands of the fast-growing market and seen skyrocketed growth. With a growing organization across multiple states comes the demand of maintaining and tracking multiple entities. The team at Harvest quickly found they had outgrown using Excel sheets and needed to provide better access to entity data when only two employees “held the keys” to important information.

Empowering Internal Legal Teams with a Single Source of Truth

Being that Harvest has seven in-house lawyers and spans across multiple states, they really needed a complete solution that allows them to manage their entities that everyone could have access to. Realizing they were spending way too much time in Excel and PowerPoint – editing and creating org charts, they decided in order to continue to grow; they needed to get a grasp on entity management.

They were looking for a cloud-based software to help them manage their entities, allowing multiple in-house corporate lawyers access. This was crucial for document sharing, as they constantly had to keep up with agreements, ownership documents, and contracts.

When in the market, they were looking for a quality product that was affordable and would fit their customization needs.

“What really sold us on EntityKeeper was the affordable price of a quality product with the customization options we needed.”

– Doug Wood, Assistant General Counsel

The Results

Being one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. needed software they could implement easily without the extra operational time spent training on a new solution. In less than two weeks, Harvest was able to set up their account with over 300 entity structures and customize the software to fit their team’s needs.

“Our legal department was able to un-silo our entity data quickly. We had two employees that had access to our entity documents, and with EntityKeeper, we were able to give access to important information across multiple departments, including legal and accounting.”

The team uses EntityKeeper to create, update, and share org charts in half the time and manage filing deadlines in 31 jurisdictions with custom notifications.

“EntityKeeper has been a key solution in supporting the growth of Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. We’re in a place with our entity management that nothing will fall through the cracks because we have the best systems and processes in place.”

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