2022 EntityKeeper Product Release Round-Up

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EntityKeeper is entity management software that helps you manage entities, build and maintain complex org charts, and track filing deadlines in one secure platform. At EntityKeeper, our goal is to release new features to remove manual, complex processes and simplify entity management. We are committed to updating and enhancing our product regularly. Plus, we are dedicated to providing resources to our clients so that they understand how to use the product to reach their goals.

This year, we released several new features to enhance EntityKeeper’s product offerings. Read ahead to learn about some of our top releases for 2022.


Org Chart Features

Complex org charts are the foundation of EntityKeeper. We’ve added three new org chart features this year: Shapes and Nodes, Line Configurations and Custom Text, and Entity Information Visibility. Learn about each of these new org chart features below.


1) Shapes and nodes

“Shapes and nodes” enhance org chart visualizations. In the new shapes and nodes feature, you can select between an array of shapes to quickly visualize your different entities. You can assign a different shape to each entity within one chart.

EntityKeeper shapes and nodes


2) Line configurations and custom text

The new “line configurations and custom text” functionality allows you to customize the relationship between two entities. You can visualize relationship percentages (or hide the relationship percentage if you do not wish to view it for a specific entity).

Line configurations


3) Entity Information Visibility

The new “entity information visibility” feature allows you to easily edit the text displayed in each node within your org chart by clicking the pencil icon. You can choose to remove or update the information displayed in that node or hide it all together.

EntityKeeper Entity Information Visibility



Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on functionality is an important addition to the EntityKeeper platform. We want to ensure the safety of our clients’ data, and SSO provides an extra layer of data security. With SSO, you can securely authenticate your login with one set of credentials.

A single set of credentials protect important data by enabling you to:

  • Monitor which apps employees are using
  • Protect important information 
  • Access your account with added convenience and ease


EntityKeeper Single Sign-On (SSO)



Corporate Services

EntityKeeper’s Corporate Services is a cost-saving, simplified way to manage your legal entity filings. In 2022, we added additional services to further eliminate the need to manually govern all of your entity filings. Our corporate services include:

  • Filing Services
  • Name Services
  • Registered Agent Services
  • UCC Lien and Litigation Services
  • Document Retrieval


In 2023, EntityKeeper will release more product releases and enhancements to streamline entity management. Stay tuned for what’s next!

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