Your Secret Weapon to Entity Management.

Simplify the way you manage your entities and org charts. Easily track, manage, and share entity information while reducing manual errors.

Entity data in one place.

With EntityKeeper, we give you the opportunity to have ALL of your entity information in one secure platform. Easily keep track of every detail associated with your entities: banking information, registered agents, filing deadlines, and more. Each subscription plan includes unlimited document storage to help you organize all entity data.

Org charts made easy

Our robust org chart builder gives you the opportunity to build out complex org charts within minutes, using the information you are already tracking. As you make updates to your entities, the changes are automatically shown within your org charts, completely taking out the need for manual work.

Assign values to your entities

Build and manage capitalization tables across multiple owners and entities. With EntityKeeper, you can easily assign values (down to the decimal place) to your entities and view the percentage of ownership.
EntityKeeper’s platform helps you stay in compliance by alerting you of upcoming filing deadlines.

Securely share sensitive data

Need to share entity data with colleagues or third-party vendors? Control the access users have of your sensitive entity and corporate data.