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As businesses grow and evolve, their legal and corporate entity management needs and compliance requirements become increasingly complex. To manage risk and liability, companies typically add entities to their organization. Managing a few entities is relatively feasible, but as organizations add dozens or even hundreds of entities to their portfolio, keeping track of each entity’s individual legal requirements becomes almost impossible to do alone. To help increase operational efficiencies and decrease the time spent worrying about compliance, organizations should consider purchasing entity management software.


Why should you take advantage of entity management software? 

There are numerous benefits to using entity management software for your company’s entity management. One of the key benefits is saving your business time. Without entity management solutions, employees need to manually sort through, find and share entity documents with other members of the team and set reminders of upcoming filing due dates. This process is not only a waste of precious time but also leaves your company open to unnecessary risk. Human error can lead to missed filing deadlines or leaked entity information, both with severe consequences. Ultimately, entity management software exists to help businesses gain control over their entities and the responsibilities that come with them.


What is entity management software?

Legal entity management software helps keep your organization compliant with requirements by helping you store, track, and share entity information and filing deadlines. The best entity management software will:


  • Help you securely store and share all of your entity documents
  • Notify you of upcoming compliance and filing due dates
  • Allow you to build organizational charts and update easily
  • Organize all entity details and view updates in real-time


The more entities a company adds, the more complicated it is to manage their information and filing due dates. Entity management software helps make the process of legal entity management easier and helps save time and money. The best entity management software goes beyond this and helps teams build organizational charts, manage international entities, and has added layers of security to protect sensitive company information. EntityKeeper is a simple, affordable, and effective entity management solution that helps you say goodbye to tedious manual processes. To learn more about how EntityKeeper can help improve your business’ legal entity management process, schedule a free demo today: