Steps to Prepare for a Vacation from Work

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Vacations are an important way to keep your mind fresh and celebrate a job well done. In order to help you spend this time on the beach rather than on your computer, we created a list of the top four things you need to do before leaving your office for vacation.

1. Start off with a clean slate

Having a relaxing vacation starts with what you do before you leave the office. You should check all of the boxes on your to-do list during the weeks leading up to your vacation. We suggest starting with the low hanging fruit and working your way up to checking off those big-ticket items.

2. Spread the wealth

In your absence your team will likely have to support the projects that you would otherwise be working on. To help make this process easier for them and less stressful for you, be sure to hand over the reins of each project to specific team members. Assigning projects to specific people will prevent confusion and missed deadlines.

3. Ensure team access to important information and due dates

Speaking of missing deadlines, it is important for your team to be aware of compliance due dates and to have access to needed documents or files. Software like EntityKeeper is a great way to prevent missed deadlines and to make storing, sharing and finding entity information much easier. When you’re on vacation, your team members can search EntityKeeper for the information that they need. They will also be alerted by the software about upcoming compliance filing dates for your entities – allowing you to enjoy your vacation uninterrupted and worry-free.

4. Enjoy your time off

Lastly, make sure to enjoy your vacation. It is important to take time away from the office so you can keep your mind sharp.

If you follow these tips, you should be on your way to a restful and relaxing vacation. Don’t forget to start your free trial of EntityKeeper before you leave so you can disconnect during this vacation.