How a National Investment Group Used Automation to Manage Entities

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Flagler Investment Holdings is a fully integrated healthcare property investment, development, asset management, and brokerage organization.

Over the last 25 years, Flagler has grown its organization and needed a simple solution to help easily manage entities across multiple states and streamline their compliance processes. Their team needed a solution that helped with filing deadlines associated with their many entities and gave each department better access to important entity data in real-time. As new facilities were being developed, new owners and investors came into the picture, and the Flagler team needed a way to properly organize these ownership structures.

Improved Compliance and Tracking Ownership Changes

All Flagler’s information lived in paper documents that had been manually scanned into their system. Sorting through documents to try and find information affiliated with an entity was becoming a cumbersome task and a waste of time for their busy team. The dates for filing deadlines for the multiple entities were kept in Excel, which caused headaches for tracking and compliance issues, especially when it came to audit time.

“As we go through our annual and income tax reporting process, EntityKeeper has been a great tool to access all of our entity documents and contact information securely.”

– Maricris Daza, CFO

Along with compliance, keeping up with ownership structures was beginning to become a burden as there were constant investors getting involved with new properties.

All the tools used by their acquisition team to complete these tasks were completely siloed. They needed one platform that could handle and manage all entity data and facilitate monitoring of upcoming compliance requirements.

The Results

The automation that EntityKeeper provided Flagler completely changed how they work more efficiently on entity tasks. They no longer are having to spend hours sorting through documents to find compliance dates or take on additional work when they missed a filing deadline. They have imported all their important filing dates into EntityKeeper and receive notifications for approaching deadlines. When it comes time for them to receive an audit, the Flagler team knows they can easily provide all entity information because they have it all in one, organized platform.

“I’m able to quickly view ownership structures and automatically create org charts from our own data that is uploaded into our account. Sharing and updating org charts with investors takes a fraction of the time.”

– Maricris Daza, CFO

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