Get Ahead of Your Entities With A Few of EntityKeeper’s Hidden Gems

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EntityKeeper’s top priority is to help support the growth of companies by creating efficiency and streamline processes. We want to share a few of our features that help support you in doing just that. Get the most out of our platform by having every last detail of your entities at your fingertips.  

Here are four hidden gems that can help you when using EntityKeeper:  

  1. Storing banking information: This feature was created to give you the ability to truly have every detail you may need at your fingertips in one easy location. EntityKeeper can securely store all banking information associated with each of your entities so you can easily access and update when needed. 
  2. Collaborate with multiple users: Give access to multiple users to help collaborate with colleagues, partners, and third-party vendors. EntityKeeper allows you to add unlimited users and have control over their access. When creating a new user, you can choose their permission type to hide sensitive information and choose what they can do within the account.  
  3. Personnel tab: EntityKeeper’s personnel tab keeps a record of all people affiliated with your entities. You can easily assign personnel to different entities and store their contact information right from the platform. Details about each individual can be viewed with just a click of their name—view and update details for each individual, including affiliations, their role, and ownership percentages. 
  4. Custom tags: Our custom tags give you the ability to customize and organize your account the way you need it. Within our platform, you can create custom tags for your entities, which lets you quickly sort or filter for specific entity types by effortlessly searching by it’s “tag name.”   

We built EntityKeeper to help you and your team efficiently manage your entities; we are excited to see how you make our platform your own.   

If you are not already an EntityKeeper customer and would like to learn more, click here.