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What is your current process when trying to create organizational charts to view entity ownership structures? How long is it taking you? If it makes you frustrated to even think about the answers to these questions, then perhaps you should look into your current process of building org charts. Not only can manual processes open your company to risks for human error and siloed data, but it also creates a lot of wasted time. This is why it is essential to find a secure software that allows for automation when it comes to building out your org charts.   

Want to know where to start when trying to automate your org charts? Here are a few important features to look for in org chart software:  

Accessible Data: When looking for a software to support your entities, it is key to find one that allows you to view ALL entity information within your org charts easily. After all, you are looking for a software to make your life easier, not harder. When looking at different software, find out what information their system allows you to view. Find a platform that allows additional details to be added, such as bank information, EIN number, state of formation, and valuations. This opens up the ability to see data across ownerships in a better view and having one source of truth for you and colleagues. 

Customization:  Look for customization options that give you control of view and layout. You should be able to choose what information shows on your ownership structure and how you view the relationships. Your platform should allow you to toggle on and off important entity data and organize by color-coding.  

Share: When it comes to sharing information with colleagues, clients, lenders, investors or others who need access to your ownership structure find a platform that allows you to easily give secure access to multiples users within your organization or limited access to those outside your organization. This can help make sharing information smooth for all parties involved. Also, it is important to find out if they offer a printing and saving functionality, making sure the capabilities fit your company’s needs. 

Automation: While there are many tools out there to help build an org chart, there are not many that actually automate the entire process. When doing your research, we suggest making sure that you ask yourself the question: Can this platform alleviate the pain points of manually creating org charts?  

Having all your information in one platform can be helpful in general, but finding a software that automatically updates information across charts is essential to streamline processes and remove silos across your entity data.  

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