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With the ever-growing tech industry, there are many affordable resources out there that can help you grow your business. Whether you are needing to manage clients, remove silos across your organization, or streamline processes, here are a few resources that can help:  

  1. Zoho – This is a must for any growing business. Your sales team is the heartbeat of your company, so providing them the tools to exceed seems like a no brainer. We recommend a CRM like Zoho because it is affordable but still has all the tools you need to support your sales and marketing team. One of their features that really stands out is the ability to receive real-time notifications when customers interact with your business. This feature prevents a prospect from going unnoticed and helps your team to provide a faster response before they reach out to a competitor. Zoho starts at $12/month per user. 
  2. Slack – Things seem to run smoothly when your team is working together. Having a tool in place that allows colleagues to message internally can be a huge help, especially if you have employees who work remote. One of the benefits of a tool like Slack is having a non-disruptive way to connect with colleagues to get a quick answer or coordinate in real-time. Slack made our list because of the ease it brings to group discussions when working on a project. Slack is a great option for those starting out, their standard package is $6.67/month, which is recommended for small to medium-sized businesses, and it includes video calls. Slack also offers a free version with limited features.  
  3. Monday.com  When growing a business or working on a project, tasks can bottleneck and hold you up without realizing it, causing an unneeded interruption to your business and stress to your team. Adding a project management tool seems like an added pain because of the time it would take to onboard. We recommend investing in a tool like Monday.com because of its ease of use. It takes no time to get your tasks uploaded and team up and running. You can begin tracking projects in minutes. You’ll notice a huge difference in the efficiency it creates within your team, allowing them the ability to plan, organize, and track in one place. While there are many options that offer affordable rates, keep in mind that many of them charge per user. Monday.com starts out at $39/month for five users. 
  4.  Gravy– Having a positive corporate culture is essential at any point in your business’s development. Employees tend to enjoy work when they feel valued. This culture starts during on-boarding and continues throughout their time with your company. Investing in your employees helps serve the purpose of a positive atmosphere. We recommend using a site like GRAVY to help keep track of important dates, work anniversaries, birthdays, holidays. GRAVY not only sends reminders of these dates, but it gives options to send gifts. What’s even better is, their subscription service is free besides the price of the gifts. 
  5. EntityKeeper – Managing complex entity structures requires a process that organizes and tracks important data. While some companies choose manual processes and outdated software to manage their entities, a cloud-based software can help reduce risk and provide a better solution in storing such important documents. Tools such as EntityKeeper allow colleagues and clients to have access to important documents and create one central point of truth for all of your entity data. EntityKeeper ($50/month) is an affordable solution for storing documents, managing entities, and creating organizational charts.   

Have a software your company has found beneficial? Leave a comment below. 

We always recommend doing your research before choosing a vendor. Review sites like Capterra and G2 are good resources to see what vendor’s customers have to say about their product.  

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