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Large Healthcare Group Centralizes Entity and Compliance Data Across 30+ Locations


Banner Health is one of the largest health care companies in the United States, operating 28 hospitals and several specialized facilities across six states. They have over 50,000 employees, making them one of the largest employers in the country. Banner Health was seeking a solution that provided a centralized database and improved processes for their multiple complex entity structures. Working out of Excel spreadsheets left the company in need of a better way to share and track important entity data.


A Solution to Support Organizational Growth

Beth, Director of Legal Operations, was in the market for a tool to help her with their day-to-day entity management. Beth was the only person in the company who had access to the Excel spreadsheets she was using to manage entities. Finding a resource to house all their entity information was imperative, especially as Banner Health continued to grow. The team needed a solution that provided a single source of truth, and that was easily accessible to only certain users.

“Managing all of our entity information was becoming too cumbersome, and I wanted to centralize it.”

– Beth, Director of Legal Operations

The Results

Beth and the team at Banner Health turned to EntityKeeper to create a centralized database of their entity data. The EntityKeeper software gave certain team members secure access to important information across the company without the need of sending spreadsheets back and forth. Because EntityKeeper is so user-friendly, Beth was able to set up her account quickly and start saving time immediately. Co-workers were able to access and start using EntityKeeper without needing any training. In a matter of days, the entire team was working out of the EntityKeeper software and building time-consuming org charts in half the time. For Banner Health, EntityKeeper became their entity document storage, a central point of their internal processes, and alleviated manual tasks to improve operational efficiencies.

“I can’t say enough about the outstanding customer service; it was hard to focus on uploading my entities because I was so busy, and you took it upon yourselves to help me.”

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