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Vacation doesn’t come around often so it’s important to take a break from the office to refresh – but where do you start? We made a list of some tips to help you have a better, more relaxing vacation.

– Avoid overloading on work the week before

Most people try to complete all of their work projects last minute before leaving for vacation. Though it’s important to get these projects done, it’s better to start this process earlier so you spread the workload out. Taking stock of the upcoming projects that will be due upon your return from vacation will make it easier to focus on relaxing.

– Don’t over schedule but do prepare

There is a fine line between being booked to the point of stress and not having a plan at all during your vacation. Though you might be tempted to explore the entire destination or do every activity you found online, this can make you more stressed than it’s worth. Instead of over booking yourself, plan fewer activities and keep a few simple activities in your back pocket in case you have too much free time.

– Disconnect with work and connect with the people around you

We know this is easier said than done but it’s important to be present to enjoy your vacation. We recommend leaving your phone in the hotel room and leaving your computer at home if possible. We know the stress of managing multiple entities or the fear of missing a filing date can take a serious toll on your vacation. EntityKeeper is a tool that can give your team access to entity information and can alert them of upcoming filing dates so you can enjoy your vacation uninterrupted and worry-free.

– Take lots of pictures but take it in first

These days if you didn’t take a picture, did it even happen? We understand that you want to keep the memories of your vacation forever by taking a picture, but first try to take it all in without the camera in hand. At EntityKeeper, we believe that being present is incredibly important. That’s why we developed a software that helps you do so.

We know that both your job and your vacation are important to you. EntityKeeper lets your team access entity information and filing deadlines while you’re on vacation so that you don’t have to. Keep your vacation with EntityKeeper. Get started for just $1 a day.