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Corporate Services – Industries We Serve

Our team of experts has partnered with organizations across a wide array of industries to deliver exceptional results and peace of mind. Below are a few industry examples of how our Corporate Services have provided a solution to their needs. 

Wealth Management

Financial institutions rely on the most up-to-date technologies to simplify daily transactions and secure their assets from fraudulent activity. EntityKeeper’s Corporate Services provides a technological solution to eliminate manual processes and workflows that cost portfolio managers and their team members unnecessary time and resources.

  • Utilize purpose-built technology to securely manage entities and automate your filing notifications.
  • Rely on our team to partner with internal and external counsels to ensure your organization is making the right decisions.
  • Remove sporadic Registered Agent filing deadlines by consolidating them to a single date.

Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate industry demands nothing less than accurate and compliant transactions when owning/operating assets. EntityKeeper’s Corporate Services eliminates the need for internal personnel to take on more burden than is necessary when managing multiple entities that require varying filing requirements.

  • Reduce operational burden by consolidating multiple Registered Agents to one individual with a single renewal date.
  • Leverage technology to create an entity and request services, all within the same platform.
  • Access services at the state level to ensure everything is processed properly when acquiring or dissolving assets.

Law Firms

We understand firsthand how important client satisfaction is to your organization. As a law firm, you have been trusted to be a legal subject-matter expert. By leveraging EntityKeeper’s Corporate Services, you can shift your focus back to the core business of your clients’ needs.

  • Create uniformity and mitigate risk by providing internal personnel with a single platform to manage entities and their filings.
  • Empower clients with a resource that performs Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), good standing, and other services when undertaking M&A’s and incorporations.
  • Lower your firm’s (and subsequently your clients’) overall costs by up to 30-40%.

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