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When you’re researching destinations for your next vacation it’s important to choose a location that will help you relax and unplug from work. Our team has your best vacation interest in mind so we compiled a list of some of their favorite vacation spots.


Jake Tillman, Account Executive

Destination: St. John, US Virgin Islands

Why he loves it: “I love how remote and naturally beautiful it is there.”

Favorite Restaurant: Longboard

Must do activity: “I recommend renting a Jeep and exploring and hiking around all of the extremely remote beaches on the island!”


Alina Ounheuan, Graphic Designer

Destination: Chicago

Why she loves it: “I love the architecture and the overall vibes there.”

Favorite Restaurant: The Purple Pig

Must do activity: “Definitely check out Millennium Park – it’s beautiful and you can visit The Bean.”


Ivonne Sirett, Customer Success Consultant

Destination: Magen’s Bay, Saint Thomas

Why she loves it: “What’s not to love about clear waters and smooth white sand? There’s lush greenery surrounding the bay and the water is so warm and tranquil. It’s my favorite place to spend the day with my family.”

Favorite Restaurant: Udder Delite

Must do activity: Snorkeling


Maurice Leak, Account Executive

Destination: Scottsdale, Arizona

Why he loves it: “I love to visit Scottsdale because of the people, the weather and the activities.”

Favorite Restaurant: Bevvy, but any brunch spot there is great.

Must do activity: “If you have time, make sure you go to the desert to ride the ATVs!”

No matter where you spend your vacation, it’s important to be present. The problem is that even while you’re out of the office, the flow of work continues. You may have to spend time on the phone in the hotel lobby with your colleague who is searching for entity information. Or worse – a filing date might be missed in your absence costing your firm lots of money in fines and a big headache. EntityKeeper is a platform that allows you to search, store and share your entity information with your team. EntityKeeper will also alert your team of upcoming filing deadlines so you can enjoy your vacation worry free.

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