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About Us

Meet the team and read our story


EntityKeeper aims to replace expensive, ineffective methods for managing, maintaining and visualizing legal entity information.

Our innovative approach to legal entity management increases company efficiency so you can work smarter, not harder.

The Team

  • Rob Finlay


  • Jeff Lee

    Managing Advisor

  • Dawn M. Holland, Esq.

    VP, Product Management

Our Story

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EntityKeeper was created to help provide small and medium sized businesses with a time saving solution for managing all of their entities. Our solution gives you the ability to store, manage and visualize all your data in a safe secure environment. It can be challenging to manage all your entities and organize the related data. If you miss a filing deadline, you can be looking at anything from a fine to administrative dissolution. EntityKeeper helps you work smarter - not harder. Get organized today!

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EntityKeeper allows you to access, secure and present all of your legal entity information. Click on the demo to learn more…